Doodle in Mid-Air

World’s Smallest 3D-Printing Pen Is Coming to Kickstarter

Humans are accustomed to drawing in the air. We gesture with our hands when talking and will try to illustrate charade secrets by “drawing” objects in space. 3D-printing pens takes those gestures, makes them tangible and, in the hands of an artists, beautiful. Recent 3D-printing pens have been cool, but clunky affairs. LIX Pen, however, is something different. It’s light, small and apparently needs no more power than you can draw from your run-of-the-mill laptop. Now it’s coming to Kickstarter.

Measuring 6.45 inches long, 0.55 inch in diameter and weighing just 1.23 ounces, the aluminum 3D-printing pen (which also comes in black) really is pen sized. You hold it just like a pen, and plug a 3.5mm-like jack into the base and the other end of your cable into your computer. The juice allows LIX to heat to over 300-degrees Fahrenheit, though the plant-based PLA filament (it can also use the stronger ABS plastic) only needs to heat to 180-degrees to work. That filament is fed in through a hole in the base and emerges as a super-heated liquid on the tip so you can start doodling in the air.

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Stanislaw Drozdz - In Between (1977/2008)

Woven Song by Glithero 



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Learning Center / Sebastian Mariscal Studio

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 Erland Brand’s at Konstakademien,
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Modular shelving by Modiste Furniture

untitled by eva arendt on Flickr.

iPhone panels!


IIN SITU 01 /  Förstberg Arkitektur

IIN SITU 01 is the first in a series of furniture inspired by the temporary constructions found at building sites: formwork, scaffolding and make-shift assemblages by left over material, all sharing the same esthetics of the raw and functional.

This table is derived from the flooring formwork used when casting concrete slabs, but the telescopic supports are lighter and more refined and the wooden planks are smooth and oiled.


Tom Dixon launches “minimal and geometric” Plane light collection

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